Real estate contributes 40% of global carbon emissions

Our Mission

Real estate has one of the largest carbon footprints in the world. Commercial buildings waste nearly 30 per cent of the energy consumed making it an inefficient and wasteful industry.

At Switched On Space, our mission is to support businesses reduce their carbon footprint and create healthier, more productive workplaces.

Our platform connects sensors with AI and machine learning to provide users with simple, actionable insights. We switch on buildings and give them a voice.

PropTech is having a profound impact on how we use space. Our platform will accelerate this transition.

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Drive Sustainability in Real-Time

By collating the data points from multiple sensors, our AI dashboard gives you full visibility into the resources in use at your workplace, in real-time. The platform identifies where you need to act, and alerts you when you need to act.

A few simple steps can significantly reduce emissions and save costs.

Creating Safe environments

We design simple and secure sensor solutions that offer valuable insights to customers, enabling safer, more sustainable, and efficient operations.

We provide solutions for social distancing, air quality monitoring, smart cleaning and much more.

Real-time efficiency

Buildings are inefficient; by using sensor technology, you can quickly identify wasted resources including, energy, space and water waste. Our platform provides you with accurate data and simple steps so you can swiftly optimise your buildings resources.

Our tech reduces waste, increases wellbeing and supercharges productivity.

Improving Experience & Wellbeing

In a post-pandemic, hybrid-world, every occupant’s experience and sense of well being is mission-critical. We help create responsive, intuitive & healthy environments that anticipate demand and drive real-time insights.

In short, we can help you build an awesome occupant experience.

Unlock hybrid workplace management with the right tech

Switching to desk booking systems and hybrid work patterns is a shift for many companies. To make this a seamless transition, businesses need insightful, helpful data. Our platform anticipates user demand and provides the metrics needed to manage space & wellness in an efficient, sustainable way.