High quality, wellness centric workplaces are in demand

The Pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on how we use physical space. Whilst we expect a return to offices, shops and hotels the way we use them will be profoundly different.


The pandemic has increased our awareness of wellness and hygiene, and this has lead to increased cleaning demands.

Operators of physical spaces will be expected to demonstrate a structured and managed approach to safety & hygiene. Maintaining high levels of confidence in space will be a key driver of performance and value.


Occupant experience

Understanding air quality in your spaces can help you drive safer and more comfortable environments for your customers and employees. Air quality monitors collect data on temperature, humidity, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. 

Making your data available to occupants creates confidence, and demonstrates a high-tech approach to space management.

Sustainable lifestyle

People are now prioritising sustainability in their choices and this includes their workplaces. Sensor technology can help you create an efficient, low energy space that improves experience and reduces operating costs.

Our Tech

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Radar technology to monitor how a space is utilised.
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