Automates the routine

A Vpod Workplace is a space that is powered by intelligent, responsive, and intuitive technology.

With their range of smart solutions, Vpod believe in making life easier. Their technology cuts complexities and automates routine tasks. Employees are empowered to focus on that personal touch, whilst visitors are given a first-class impression. 

Vlocker – Smart Lockers

A multi-purpose, all-in-one locker solution for your workplace. Send or collect mail and parcels, return or charge IT devices, and store personal belongings.

It allows you to:

  • maximise locker utilisation

  • minimise locker cost

  • save on space ‚Äč

  • connect workplace: through touchless interaction, real-time analytics & digital notifications

Modular & customisable 

Quality, precise German manufacturing with an emphasis on sustainability. Made in house, they are modular and customisable to suit your office branding. Choose from wood or metal, indoor or outdoor lockers.

Vgreet – Digital Visitor Management 

Enhance and re-engineer your front of house experience: communicating with visitors from the moment you invite them. Vgreet provides an end-to-end visitor management solution.

It allows you to:

  • repurpose staff and save costs (can handle 2,880 visitors a day vs. 240 for a staff member)

  • facilitate visitor pre-registration and pass printing

  • create visitor logs

  • enable advanced features: photo capture, thermal screening, dynamic wayfinding, video concierge, building performance and more

Touchless & intuitive

Voice activation and motion sensor technology for a truly touchless and intuitive experience. Powerful partner integrations offer tailored and elastic solutions.