Real Time Occupancy Data

The People Counting Platform

Make safer, more cost-effective decisions about your space with an accurate, anonymous, real-time people counter.

Understand how any space is used

Seamlessly count people as they move through any entry point or open space.

Anonymous by design

Density’s custom depth data is not only less invasive than a camera; it’s more accurate.

A smarter workplace starts with people

Use occupancy data to release unoccupied meeting rooms, predict demand, test office configurations, and improve your employee’s experience.

Manage change

Avoid guesswork. In a life post-pandemic, your team may spend less time at work and more time WFH. Use Density sensors to understand how much space you need in this ‘new normal’.

Scale easily

Density can handle multiple points of entry, group and bi-directional movement, unlimited nested spaces, regional data and sprawling, multi-national portfolios of any space type.

Improve experience

When employees know which meeting rooms are available, which desks are free, and whether the cafe is overcrowded, they have more time to focus.

“83% of the time, our 12-person conference rooms are used by no more than 2 people.”