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Our space quest:

Buckle up, brace yourself, all-aboard our space quest.  

At Switched on Space we’re on a quest to unearth the secrets of how we use space. Not the space of our distant galaxies: but the space of our daily buildings.

We spend 90% of our lives indoors. Take your age and multiply it by 0.9. This is your indoor age.  

E-commerce and social media platforms have taught us that understanding customer and user behaviour is the keystone to driving value. In physical space, we’ve made limited progress with this technology. 

So, we think it’s crucial to understand how, why, and when we use space.  

In times of unprecedented change, organisations need real time data and analytics for their buildings. PropTech – including IoT and sensor technology – is advanced enough to be retrofitted into almost any building.  

Our best-in-class PropTech provides smart solutions to daily problems. From safety and wellbeing concerns, growing pressures to operate sustainably, to increasing overheads: we deliver high-tech, high impact solutions.

(You could even say they’re out of this world.)  


Deep Expertise + Experience

We are building a team of industry professionals who understand real estate and can see the value PropTech can bring to this space.

We are also working with multiple partners to bring the best technology to the market. If you are interested in a partnering with SoS get in touch via our contact form below.


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