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Yes, that’s right we said it! At Switched on Space we’re on a quest to uncover the secrets of how we use our spaces. In a time of unprecedented change, organisations need real time data & analytics for their buildings and spaces.

PropTech, including IoT & sensor technology, is now advanced enough to be retrofitted into almost any building and can deliver low cost, high impact solutions. Our technology can reduce carbon emissions, improve safety & wellbeing while reducing operating costs.

We’ve built an end-to-end platform that harnesses the power of AI & machine learning. After installing multiple sensors into a build, our powerful platform collates the data points and analyses to identify any inefficiencies and correlations.

Our reporting dashboard equips customers with the insights needed to make significant and necessary improvements to their workspace.


Deep Expertise + Experience

We are building a team of industry professionals who understand real estate and can see the value PropTech can bring to this space.

We are also working with multiple partners to bring the best technology to the market. If you are interested in a partnering with SoS get in touch via our contact form below.


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