The Smart Office Greening

  • Plants improve air quality by increasing the humidity and filtering toxins from the air
  • The natural improvement in air quality relieves the ventilation systems
  • Plants help to optimise the room acoustics in offices by breaking and reflecting sound
  • Biophilia is the innate need for a natural environment . People feel good in nature and also in the office thanks to plants

Create a healthy, inspiring and efficient work environment

Oxygen at Work specialises in the interrelationships of the office ecosystem and their impact on employees, safety and sustainability. The OxygenX analysis software reduces the unnecessary complexity of these interactions. Intuitive colour codes give you a quick overview of your work environment.

Understand your office

OxygenX helps you to make the office environments measurable. With just a few sensors and a live-dashboard, you will get a comprehensive and fact-based overview over health, well-being and occupancy in your office spaces.

Exciting insights for every department

  • Human Resources – Promoting the health and well-being of the workplace
  • Facility Management – Optimisation of space utilisation and energy efficiency
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Support of the CO2 targets