Innovative acoustic solutions

  • Only 30% of global employees are satisfied with noise levels within the workplace
  • Noisy, open-plan offices can reduce productivity by 66%
  • Acoustics need to be a vital consideration for all spaces to increase wellbeing and productivity

Create calm

Everyone deserves an inspiring workplace to promote wellbeing, happiness and success. AllSfär are driven by this belief and desire to create calm. Their flexible, aesthetic, acoustic solutions compliment the rise of activity-based and agile environments.

Acoustic Furniture

  • Flexible, modular range to define different spaces for focus or collaboration 
  • Privacy and peace redefined

Acoustic Surfaces

  • Felt wall panels reducing reverberation and distraction 
  • Plain or bespoke tiles, abstract murals: making quiet beautiful

Acoustic Zoning 

  • Suspended acoustic screens within open-plan spaces
  • Geometric or biophilic patterns 

Acoustic Additions

  • Desk screens, floor-standing screens, statement acoustic trees and more
  • Personalised to match any colour palette or brand identity