Turn existing meters into smart meters

  • Save money and reduce waste
  • Manage your property portfolio more efficiently
  • Drive sustainability and reduce fuel consumption

The LimpetReader™ fits to practically any meter

Very simply, it takes an image of your actual meter register which is then transferred to a secure database where the data (date/time stamped image and data value etc) can be accessed and reported/exported.

No more lifting of manhole covers and struggling to read difficult to access meters. Our most cost-effective meter reading solution which is accessed securely on-line.

Immediate deployment without supply disruption

Retrofit an independent monitoring system, unaffiliated to suppliers, to your existing infrastructure.

No more estimated billing 

Generate accurate data for real time billing and decision making. No more paying in advance of consumption. No more nasty bill surprises.

Cost and energy saving tool

Reduce waste through spotting leakage and eliminate the cost and carbon impact of manual readings, driving sustainable operations.

Driving management & portfolio efficiency

Centralise data & reporting for improved analysis and cost management, meaning significant improvements in ease and cost of administration.